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Karim Benzema’s Partner Converts to Islam and Embraces New Life in Saudi Arabia

Jordan Ozuna, the partner of renowned footballer Karim Benzema, has recently announced her conversion to Islam in a heartfelt ceremony at the Mosque of Madrid. Ozuna expressed her emotional response to the occasion, describing it as a small and intimate ceremony where the Qur’an was recited, causing her to shed tears of joy. Her decision to convert comes after extensive research into the religion, which she finds beautiful and deeply moving.

Ozuna, who is the mother of Benzema’s fourth child, fully supports her partner’s recent transfer to the Saudi Pro League club Al-Ittihad. Excited about the adventure that awaits her in Saudi Arabia, she is eager to explore the country’s rich culture and cuisine. Despite the strict dress codes in Saudi Arabia, Ozuna appreciates the beauty of the culture and embraces the opportunity to immerse herself in this new chapter of her life.

Originally from Maryland, USA, Jordan Ozuna has wholeheartedly embraced her newfound faith and is prepared to embark on this journey alongside Benzema in Saudi Arabia. Their partnership continues to thrive as they embrace new experiences and opportunities together.

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