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Fancy Gadam’s Refusal to Perform at DJ Parara’s Majority Radio Presenters Concert Revealed in Leaked Conversation

In a recent turn of events, a leaked WhatsApp conversation between Ghanaian singer and dancer Fancy Gadam and DJ Parara, popularly known as the Majority leader, sheds light on the reasons behind Fancy Gadam’s decision to decline performing at DJ Parara’s newly established radio presenters concert. The concert, organized to officially launch the radio station called Majority Radio 98.3MHZ and showcase its talented staff, has been at the center of controversy.

Initially scheduled for July 2, 2023, the event was postponed to July 15, 2023, to accommodate a free concert organized by NODRAFIM, which was set to take place on July 1st at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium, just a day before the initial date for the unveiling concert.

According to the leaked conversation, DJ Parara approached Fancy Gadam to be part of the lineup for the concert. However, Fancy Gadam requested some time to confirm his existing bookings to avoid any scheduling conflicts. Despite this, DJ Parara went ahead and included Fancy Gadam’s name on the event’s flyer, claiming that Gee Face, who is involved with both teams, insisted that Fancy Gadam should be featured. This led to a heated exchange of insults between the two parties.

The leaked conversation suggests that Fancy Gadam’s refusal to participate in the concert stems from the fact that he would not be paid for his performance, as the event is being advertised as a free concert. This raises questions about the compensation and financial arrangements for artists at such events.

As this leaked conversation becomes public, it highlights the importance of clear communication, transparency, and mutual respect in the entertainment industry. Artists and event organizers should strive to maintain open and honest dialogue to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that can tarnish their reputation and impact their working relationships.

The fallout between Fancy Gadam and DJ Parara serves as a reminder that careful planning, proper negotiations, and respect for artists’ professional commitments are crucial in ensuring successful collaborations and delivering outstanding entertainment experiences for audiences.

DJ Parara, whose real name is Mohammed Naporo Abubakari, is a well-known media personality and businessman from the Northern Region of Ghana. The Majority Radio’s Presenters Concert features renowned artists from the Northern region such as Maccasio, Wiz Child, Fad Lan, Is Rahim, Double Tee, Ataaka, Striker De Donzy, One9ra and many others. However, due to Fancy Gadam’s absence from the new flyer, it is evident that he will not be among the performers.

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