How Do You Sack Someone You Haven’t Employ? I only Quit. – Linking Masaasa Anviela to GameBwoy Waaluu

Abubakari Ahmed Salim Anviela the former PRO and road manager of Nwaii Family following the incidence trending on the post and public notice made by the CEO of Nwaii Family boss, Gamebwoy Waaluu concerning his sack has finally cleared the air after a short silence over the issue.

An encounter with Linking Masaasa and onemuzikgh.com news Team on the accused made by Gamebowy Waaluu his former CEO, He said it’s a false claim adding that he has been sacrificing a lot and helping Gamebwoy from day one of his life with Gamebwoy to put him on the map from Awards to event through to the food Gamebwoy eats and gets nothing in returns.

He threw a question to Gamebwoy to tell him and the whole world, one thing he,Gamebwoy has ever done for him.

Linking Masaasa expressed his disappointment for GamebwoyWaalu adding how ungrateful game Waaluu is.

As to who is saying the truth in this whole issue of GamebwoyWaaluu and Linking Masaasa  still sits on the fence but Onemuzikgh.com would look forward to bringing you more updates on it as investigations are still ongoing.

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