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The CEO of Best Beats Production, Lil John has expressed his utmost disappointments with regards to artists and sound engineers relationship.

The producer in topic write-ups was decipherable enough to tell us that, some of the big artistes are free recordings solicitors.

He said “

I said goodbye to free recording a long time ago. If you want a free recording, do paid recordings first.

It’s a shame the way the so-called “big artistes” in the industry are treating the young producers.

These producers starved themselves and underwent self-denial to buy studio equipment to start their small recording studios, yet the so-called “big artistes” would walk into the studio, start a project, and want it finished ASAP and delivered for free.

What kind of life is that?
Are you not ashamed of yourself? Mtcheew!!

Don’t you know that, aside the setup cost, these young producers have operational cost to settle? What about maintenance cost? And you don’t even think for a second about that!!

Instead of requesting a free recording, rather request a discounted recording, and you should do that only if you’ve been contributing to the business of the producer by paying for your recordings.

The conversation should always begin this way: ” I want to record a song so how much is the cost and how much do I pay before we start?”

Remember, as an artiste, the work is your interest not the producer’s. The producer’s interest is the money you will pay him so don’t centre the talk on the work alone; talk about the money as well.

I salute all artistes who pay for their recordings.

As for the beggars of free recordings, shame on you. Cheap “big artistes”.

He also urges his colleague sound engineers to come together and fight this parasitism from artists


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