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You are my angel in disguise, you pull me up from nowhere – Sypha ardent birthday message to Qobrahbeat

Subur, widely known in Showbiz as Qobrahbeat is a music producer, talents manager and the CEO of Tadaa High Entertainment, a record label in Ghana situated in the Upper West Region.

Qobrahbeat is one of the pillar of the Upper West Music industry, he has lifted and groomed talents like Best Gally, Wiz-Maleek, Sypha and many arts in the region. He is know for his enormous contribution to the industry. He has produced many hits songs and has in record great Musicians like Samine Dagaati, Fancy Gadam that recorded songs with him.


Today happens to be the day he was born and as always, artists and industry players can’t keep quiet about it. Many wishers flooded social media specifically Facebook with heartfelt messages to the music producer. Thereof, OneMuzikGh.Com came across Sypha ardent birthday message to his boss, it reads “You pull me up from nowhere Groom me Thought me great things And put me on a path Designed for me You are my Angel in Disguise..This Journey is still very much far buh we are closer than you can imagine May Allah With all his Mercies be with you May Grace continue to be your Path I know peace of mind hasn’t been your thing lately because you feel you failed to plan some aspects of your Dailies buh I want you to know life has just examined you and you passed,Continue the be you cuz clean heart never losses I love You God Bless You and Happy Birthday World Best 🎉🎉🎉💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂Qobrahbeatz Studio -TDHE”

Qobrahbeat in his studio

One can not mention the the pillars of upper West Music and Creative art industry without the name of Qobrahbeat. If he’s not the first pillar then there’s definitely not a pillar.

All of us at OneMuzikGh.Com wishes Qobrahbeat a gracious happy Birthday 🎂.

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