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That’s Why Boys Are Banging Your Girlfriend Anyhow – Showbowy lashes Nambawan in ‘Michael Jackson Flow’; Calls Ratty Bangarang “Jon Dada”

Showbowy Strikes Back: King of the Game Fires Shots at Nambawan and Ratty Bangarang.

In the world of music, feuds and diss tracks have become common ways for artists to settle scores and assert their dominance. The latest clash involves Showbowy, Nambawan, and Ratty Bangarang, as they engage in a heated exchange of lyrics and insults. Showbowy, known for his brash persona, takes aim at his rivals in his response diss track titled “Michael Jackson.” The Ghanaian artist leaves no room for interpretation, proclaiming himself as the unrivaled King of the game.

Nambawan initiated the confrontation with his diss track “Under 1 Minute,” where he boldly claimed that he single-handedly revived Showbowy’s music career through a Facebook post. In a cutting blow, he likened Showbowy to the Yoruba Michael Jackson, implying a lack of originality in his style.

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Ratty Bangarang, not one to hold back, further stoked the fire with his track “I Don’t Want Peace.” He dismissed both Nambawan and Showbowy as novices in the industry, referring to them as “kids in pampers.” Ratty Bangarang challenged his adversaries to prove their worth by entering the studio and producing music instead of relying on social media posturing. He labeled Showbowy a Yoruba gangster and insinuated that the lack of response to Nambawan’s beef song indicated Showbowy’s lack of substance.

However, Showbowy’s counterattack was swift and ruthless. He labeled Ratty Bangarang as “Jon Dada,” a derogatory term suggesting insignificance and incompetence. Showbowy doubled down on his claim of being the King of the game, confidently asserting that no one comes close to his skill and talent.

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This escalating war of words highlights the competitive nature of the music industry, where artists vie for recognition and supremacy. Diss tracks have become a platform for artists to assert their dominance and defend their reputation. Fans eagerly await the next move in this ongoing battle, as each artist tries to outdo the other with their lyrical prowess.

While you can enjoy the song [HERE], It remains to be seen how this feud will unfold and whether peace will eventually be restored or if tensions will escalate further. In the world of music, where egos run high and rivalries are common, the only certainty is that the battle for supremacy will continue, fueled by fiery diss tracks and unapologetic insults.

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