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Nambawan Announces New Song ‘Broken’

Ghanaian rapper Clement Ayamga, better known by his stage name Nambawan, is gearing up to release a new single titled “Broken.” This upcoming track promises to be another captivating addition to his growing discography, following the success of his recent song “Lakake.”

Reflecting on the essence of “Lakake,” Nambawan shared, “It’s all derived from life and its difficulties faced climbing up the ladder. But with determination and the protection of God, we are still moving ahead and never stopping once.”

Prior to “Lakake,” Nambawan dominated the music scene with “Ma La Hum,” a track that delved deep into the profound themes of life, loss, and the unpredictable nature of death. Both songs showcased Nambawan’s versatility, as he set aside his rap prowess to focus on singing.

Ahead of the announcement of “Broken,” Nambawan posted a message to his fans: “Let’s book next year for rap. Still in the healing process. New song: Broken 🔥”

With this new release, fans are eagerly anticipating the emotional depth and lyrical quality that Nambawan consistently delivers.

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