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Gold Baron group of companies is liaising with the Nabdam traditional council to stage a peace concert in Nabdam.

Naab Ibrahim Awudu who is popularly known as Gold Baron by a massive number of people is a business tycoon from the Upper East Region of Ghana, Talensi district to be precised.

This successful business mogul has so many companies across almost all the Nabdam District communities, catapulted a major advantage to the exuberant young men and women in the aforementioned district to do away with the stress of unemployment.

Gold Baron is not only a businessman but also someone who has an unflinching passion for music, hence he does music also which gives him the pros to promote peace and stability, bring the two major political parties into unison with his yet to happen concert dubbed #Peace_Concert.

To make the aim of the concert more positive and beneficially, Gold Baron has laid himself down by officially liaising with the ruling traditional Council of the district.

The ruling traditional Chief for the Nabdam district who goes by the name Nangonaab Na-Pariyong Kasom Asaga Yelzoya II has vividly made it known to the general public in a video that the sole purpose of the Peace Concert is to unite the two major parties (NPP and NDC) in order to ensure peaceful election come December 7th.

Gold Baron Peace Concert is slated to take place on the 6th of December 2020, a day before the Election day at the Pelungu new market with the paramount Chief for the Nabdam playing the role of chairman.

Check the flyer and the video below for more details.


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