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An entertainment pundit in the Upper East Region with the facebook name Bone Dada Danladi aka Bone Dee set the records straight about entertainment and those who started it all in the region. He also sent a strong note of caution to the upcoming acts who think they know it all. He referred to them as “indomie generation artists”

Read full text below;

Let me clarify this to all the ndomie generation artists in this Region who think I just join the industry. Before I take you back to the history lesson, let me pin you to these reasons. I have been observing attentively to most of you here on social media and how you portray yourself to thinking without you no other artiste should excel and for that, you won’t help promote your brother’s content. Let me ask you one question how has that action help your career or bank account?.

Stop the sabotage, jealousy, tribalism, disrespect, and learn to apply some wisdom of King Solomon to your actions and accessions.

To the Zongo artistes, until you all stop dividing yourselves and unit to a common goal, you shall always be undermined by many with a pull-down syndrome stigmatization.

To the sellouts and backbiters, use that great gift of yours to learn how to blog or present and stop being a volunteer to evil.

Now to our media men and women, if you truly want the region to grow, then start thinking outside your comfort zone, unite, and be innovative to create bigger platforms that will put the region to the creative and art map, rather than thinking your favorite artiste is an immortal. The pic below should teach you that and start thinking to help others that will continue to carry out your legacy.

Back to the history lesson for those thinking i just join the industry, lesson one, we created the industry back in 1990 before the era of fun world then gradually eased into double do and bringing of artiste like Terry BonChaka, N4 and a lot to the region, then starting a recording studio to support the talents of this region before rap made grounds. Did you know we had superstar Afropop artiste from this region who spotlight in the south that is deceased today, names like Yaw Che, N4 etc. And those who spotlight upper east like Redtimber, back tyre, us dollar, Richy, Zero and many that i can’t mention.

Advice to you:
Don’t rush to crush, your talent alone is not enough to get you there but brotherhood love, clean heart, respect, humbleness, humility, and sacrifice for each other to grow. It takes a lot to invest in something that has no proper foundation, so please check yourself and start working on building a better foundation for your own good.

My rule is very simple:
Help and I will help you
Connect and I’ll connect you
Betray me and I will erase you
Link and I will link out 🔊 for you

Be wise and rise.

Sorry I had to put it straight no big grammar.

Terry BonChaka


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