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Ghana’s Comedian Khemikal To Facilitate Dr. Pushkin’s ‘OFF GRID’ Event Come May 13 At East Legon

Having a comedian as the MC (Master of Ceremonies) of an event can bring several benefits and add value to the overall experience. Here are a few reasons why having a comedian as an MC can be important:

Setting the tone: A good MC can set the tone for the event, and a comedian can do this exceptionally well. They can engage the audience and create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Keeping the audience engaged: A comedian MC can keep the audience engaged throughout the event by injecting humor into their introductions and transitions. This can help to prevent the event from becoming monotonous or boring.

Managing unexpected situations: In any event, unexpected situations can arise, such as technical difficulties or delays. A comedian MC can help to manage these situations by keeping the audience entertained and distracted until the issue is resolved.

Adding entertainment value: In addition to their role as an MC, a comedian can also perform a set during the event, providing additional entertainment value for the audience.

Memorable experience: A comedian MC can create a memorable experience for the attendees, leaving a lasting impression that will keep them talking about the event long after it’s over.

Overall, having a comedian as the MC of an event can bring a lot of benefits and make the event more enjoyable and engaging for attendees.

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I supposed the highly-revered Ghanaian rapper Dr. Pushkin is privy to the aforementioned, which explains why he chose Popular Ghanaian Comedian Khemikal to run his upcoming event.

The event which is dubbed ‘OFF GRID’ will take place around East Legon in Accra, however, the venue would be announced to only fans who would attend.

OFF GRID features eclectic musicians whose craft exudes the soul of society and creativity. All the artists are not just entertainers, but artists who confront society’s ills through music. The event will feature Teri Wiizi, Aphee, Ataman Nikita, Gold Ganq, Tradey, Kinelman, and Kwadjo SPiRi. The above will each take turns to mesmerize fans like never before.

Text or call 0244786862 to reserve a spot. Alternatively, fans who wish to attend can RSVP via this link RSVP to Attend Concert by OFF GRID | Hypeddit (

The event is coming off on the 13th of May 2023, from 7 pm – 11 pm.

Remember, this one is lifetime free. See you there

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