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Sweden Breaks Taboos: Officially Declares Sex as a Sport, Sets Stage for European Sex Championship

Sweden has made a bold move by officially recognizing sex as a sport and is preparing to host its inaugural European Sex Championship. The competition, set to commence on June 8th and span six weeks, will feature participants engaging in intense sex sessions for durations ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour daily.

During the championship, a panel of judges will evaluate the performances, while the audience will also have a say in determining the winners. Various aspects of the sexual activities, including chemistry between partners, knowledge about sex, and endurance levels, will be considered in the final decision-making process.

Interestingly, participants will be rewarded for their familiarity with the ancient Sanskrit scripture on sex and eroticism, the Kamasutra. Demonstrating knowledge of the Kamasutra will earn participants additional points in the competition.

The European Sex Championship aims to embrace diversity and inclusivity by welcoming individuals from different sexual orientations. The organizers firmly believe that sexual orientation can have a significant impact on the competition, shaping the outcome of matches.

The announcement of the sex competition has sparked a range of reactions on social media. Supporters applaud the move for breaking down barriers and fostering a more open and accepting attitude towards sex. However, skeptics have voiced concerns and reservations regarding the competition.

The incorporation of sexual orientation as a tactical element in a sporting event is indeed groundbreaking. Sweden’s initiative not only challenges traditional norms and promotes sexual freedom but also stimulates discussions around the role of sex in society.

As the European Sex Championship approaches, it remains to be seen how this controversial event will unfold and whether it will pave the way for similar endeavors in other countries.

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