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Fad Lan’s Manager Driz Blake Shocks Fans by Breaking Ties With The Artiste

In a surprising turn of events, Driz Blake, the dedicated manager and sibling of Ghanaian singer and rapper Fad Lan, has announced his departure from the artist’s management team. The news, shared on Facebook on June 15, 2023, has left fans and the general public stunned.

Driz Blake, known for his unwavering support and love for Fad Lan’s music, expressed his decision with a reflective message on his Facebook timeline. He emphasized the importance of seizing every opportunity to live a better, more conscious life, highlighting the significance of appreciating each day and taking control of one’s own happiness.

Fans, however, have expressed their dissatisfaction with this development, recognizing the instrumental role Driz Blake played in Fad Lan’s burgeoning music career. The siblings share a strong bond, making this separation all the more unexpected.

Fad Lan, a rising star in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, has been gaining recognition for his talent, incorporating street slangs and rich musical elements in his discography. His recent release, “Suale,” featuring Sherifatu Gunu, has been making waves, garnering significant airplay and amassing impressive streams on digital platforms.

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Fad Lan, born Iddris Maltiti, will now face the challenge of navigating his career without the guidance of his longtime manager, Driz Blake. Fans will be eagerly watching to see how this unexpected development shapes the future of the talented artist’s musical journey.

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