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Man Sends Wife To The UK, Finds Her A Job, But She Leaves Him And Drives Him Out Of His Apartment In Two Years [Video]

Marriage is one of those institutions that are inevitable and highly cherish among many cultures around the world. The happiest part is when a person living abroad marries his/her better half back home and flies him/her abroad too. This is not encouraged among many with men being the biggest threats.

Many men especially Africans have married and sent their spouses to join them abroad but most of such marriages have collapsed more rapidly than expected.

The phenomenon isn’t ending anytime soon as a video sighted by OneMuzikGh.Com captures a sad moment where a woman packs her husband out of an apartment he rented for them.

The aggrieved man lamented how he married her and flew her to join him in Uk. He further found her a job only for the wife to divorce him and pack him out of his apartment all within the space of two years.

The video which has been recorded by the husband captures the woman aggressively pushing out the man’s bags which she has packed all the man’s belongings into the night before while he was away on a night shift at his workplace.

The man could be heard advising young men to be extra vigilant about the type of women they marry and bring abroad.

“Just two years since you came to Europe and you can behave like this. Guys are careful about the type of women they marry and bring abroad. Now you can talk to me like this today. I trained you! I trained you to become enough. You are enough in the UK because of me. Guys invest in yourselves”, he remorsefully retorted.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com

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