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NDC Upper East Regional Women’s Wing Responds to Claims of Clay Usage as Sanitary Pads in Northern Ghana By Rita Etornam Sey

The Upper East Regional Women’s Wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has recently issued a press release addressing the claims made by Ms. Rita Etornam Sey, a menstrual hygiene advocate and founder of the Inspire Today Foundation. Ms. Sey stated that some girls in Northern Ghana resort to using clay as a substitute for sanitary pads due to extreme poverty and deprivation. The NDC Women’s Wing strongly criticized these claims, labeling them as an affront to the dignity of girls in the region. This article examines the response of the NDC Women’s Wing and highlights the importance of respectful dialogue on sensitive issues.

The press release, signed by Ms. Fawzia Abagnabama Yakubu, the NDC Upper East Region Women Organizer, expressed deep concern over the alleged falsehood propagated by Ms. Sey. The Women’s Wing demanded proof of her claims or an unqualified apology within seven days, warning of potential consequences if these demands were not met.

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Ms. Sey faced significant criticism on social media for her statements, with many questioning the lack of specific information regarding the region where the alleged practice occurs and the details surrounding its implementation. This criticism suggests a need for a more nuanced approach when discussing sensitive topics, particularly those related to poverty and menstrual hygiene.

It is crucial to foster open and respectful dialogue on issues such as menstrual hygiene in order to address the challenges faced by girls and women, particularly in marginalized communities. Sensationalizing or generalizing such issues without accurate information can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and undermine the efforts of local communities, organizations, and policymakers.

Sanitary pad affordability and access remains a concern for many girls and women worldwide, including in Ghana. It is essential to recognize and address these challenges to ensure that menstrual hygiene management becomes more inclusive and sustainable. By identifying the specific regions or communities affected and working collaboratively, stakeholders can develop targeted interventions and support mechanisms.

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When discussing sensitive issues, it is vital to rely on accurate and evidence-based information. Claims made without supporting evidence can inadvertently contribute to misinformation and misconceptions. To promote effective advocacy, it is crucial for advocates, like Ms. Sey, to provide transparent data and collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders to address the complex dynamics surrounding menstrual hygiene management.

The Upper East Regional Women’s Wing of the NDC has expressed its concerns over the claims made by Ms. Rita Etornam Sey regarding the use of clay as a substitute for sanitary pads by girls in Northern Ghana. While the NDC Women’s Wing’s response emphasizes the need for proof or an apology, it is essential to foster a respectful and evidence-based dialogue on sensitive issues. By working together with local communities and organizations, stakeholders can address the challenges surrounding menstrual hygiene management and promote the well-being and dignity of girls and women in Northern Ghana.

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