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Shatta Wale fans have back up their boss idea of not taken part in the soundclash again. Few of Shatta Loyalists developed the negative interest In the soundclash after the idea of voting popup after the launching.

In order to send their voices across, they decided to write message, which reads


#BiasClash Boycott

Dear Asaase Radio,

Please be informed, that we the Fans were never in support of the Introduction of Voting into the Clash.

We never liked the idea because we knew it would never be fair.

We showed our disapproval from the onset but you Didn’t Listen to us.

All we wanted was Good Entertainment from our Icons thus lyrics for lyrics battle, Streaming Online.

We knew the Voting aspect would bring serious confusion one way or another, hence our disapproval but you never listened.

We were willing to give you all the traffic you needed for hosting this Unprecedented online event to help #CrashToCrushCovid to All of Ghana’s Amusement but not the Voting aspect.

Today, The Voting Biase is Clear on the Walls, Just like VGMA.

Please be informed that we are fully in support of our artist’s current decision to Stay out, in fact we are Boycotting this whole event untill you make this a Fair Fight.

Kindly Do the needful or No More #AsaaseSoundClash for us.

Thank You.


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