Don’t accept any apology from any Artiste in the Upper West- Youngest sends a Plea to Hajj Wan

The matter seem to be getting hotter as Artiste in the upper west region apologizes to the President of Jamaica youth Hajj Wan,Artiste including Stunner Gh, Gamebwouy Waaluu, Wiz-Maleek ,Best Ghally and others,Artiste took to social media recording videos sending their heartfelt apology to the president of Jamaica Youth, Alhaji Abudi known much as Hajj Wan.

The region received videos on social media from these Acts sending apologies to Hajj Wan not until a facebook live video was seen from one of the Artiste in the region,Issahaku Arimiyawu stage named Youngest sending a plea to Hajj Wan not to accept any apology from any Artiste.
He said this after a video which was recorded and later tagged the president of Jamaica Youth Hajj Wan to be attacking Raphius Amingos the front Liner of Upper West Pride Records went Viral.

Youngest who sounded serious and worried appealed to the president of Jamaica youth Hajj Wan not to accept any apology from any acts ,he described his colleague Artistes as ungrateful and Greedy.

He added that Hajj Wan has helped almost every Artiste in the region and these same artiste has never brought anything good in the music industry in the region only to pay him back with insults to tarnish his image which he described as pure ungratefulness.

” Father Hajj Wan please don’t help any Artiste again,leave them to die if only they forgets quickly what you have done and still doing for them ” He said.
Youngest finally threw a big challenge to all the Artiste to prove him wrong by showing him and the region at large a project they have initiated using the help offered them by Jamaica Youth, he said there is no single video which he describes as the least thing they can do.

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  1. I think what Youngest one of the Artist here in the region is saying I can’t depict any good thing in that. Even though vedios are circulating here and there but some has gone beyond the vedio to blog
    And to add hajj wan should forgive and forget because this is the work of one person and if hajj wan withdraws his help it is going to against the innocent ones.

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