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The CEO of Stunner Nation, Abdul-Mumuni Dauda known much as Stunner Gh has recently been sighted expressing his profound love for Da Saama of Standard Records here in the Upper West Region. Stunner whose relationship is totally hidden from the media has this time expressed his feelings for the fastest growing songstress in the upper west region Da Saama, this therefore attracted a lot of attention and raised a lot of eye brows when he took to his official Facebook page to confess his love for the female vocalist and seeking the help and consent of her acting promoter and a management team member, Ike known as Dhat Ike Guy.

This also caught the attention of many industry players and entertainment analysts on Facebook hence many could not believe it when they came across the post. Superstars Queen, a renowned under-cover music promoter on social media expressed her/his shock by commenting that she thinks Stunners account has been hacked and controlled by an unknown person. However, all the doubts were cleared when Stunner later commented under a post made by Asonya GH, one of Da Saama’s promoters reminding Dhat Ike Guy of his request to date their artist.

Reasons for the abrupt turn-over in Stunners life and his all-of-the-sudden love for the female vocalist are yet to be found out from him. However, one needs not be told again after setting eyes on Da Saama. Her physical beauty and voluptuous body shape accompanied by smartness and talent are enough magnets to attract any man, stunner inclusive!

Da Saama is one of the fastest growing female vocalists and most promising musicians in the region yet to be signed under standard records. Her achievements in the music scene in less than two years, but her active music can be described as tremendously wonderful. One of such wonderful singles is her recently released track “Cross Roads”. Most importantly, Da Saama succeeded a finalist in the just ended AFRI MUSIC SONG CONTEST that was held in South Africa.

One can say that her beauty, smartness and bright future of the Standard Records female vocalist is what won her the indomitable love and attraction of the Stunner Nation’s CEO. All are impatiently waiting for Da Saama and her Management to respond to the proposal of Stunner as he seems to be serious and so much interested in her.

Suntaa album is coming live on 6th July 2019.

Story : Abdul-Samad & Ike

Editor: Ike


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