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People say, “respect say is reciprocal”, Some say that honor be given to whom it is due and others say that gratitude is a must. no matter whichever way, it all boils down to explain that as a human being in a society, the best way to be respected is to respect others. Such is what is seen here as Qobrahbeatz takes to Facebook to pour praises on stunner for his continuous respect for him and hius projects.

Midday 9th May 2020, Qobrahbeatz, the CEO of Ta Daa Hygh Entertainment (TDHE) and a renowned sound engineer in Upper West was seen expressing his profound love and gratitude to Stunner, one of the best musicians in the region.  The multi-talented sound engineer took to his official Facebook handle to pour his heart felt gratitude to the versatile rapper for the respect and reverence he shows him. Qobrah explained that Stunner is one of the musicians who take all his projects seriously and this gives him so much joy and honor. He wrote “I have so much respect for this guy (Stunner). He has always shown respect to every single free beat project I come out with and the fantastic thing is he puts out his best.”  

Stunner has always been a fan of all regional riddims from the ancient “man of the year” to the current “Oga Kpatakpata” challenge. He is undoubtedly a great lyricist as he performs far above expectations whenever he patronizes such riddims.

Just a few days ago, many concerns raised on why many big artists in the region usually refuses to participate in such challenges and ran after external challenges and riddims. Few expectations were made and Stunner happens to be inclusive. The engineer decided to honor this humble rapper who equally honors him as well as all his projects. !


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