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Who will lead who to reconcile with the other? – Sambwoy Gh emotionally questioned

This came after a renowned blogger,Asonya Gh gave detailed concerns for the growth of the entertainment industry. Asonya Gh mentioned reconciliation as the major tool for the industry to get back at it’s feet. He feels forgiveness will not only heal those hurt but making amends with those we’ve stepped on and taking responsibility for our actions will help in the healing process.

Sambwoy Gh got the message so well and he wishes he’s able to reconcile with anyone that he has wronged but he has a problem. This is what he has to say;

Regardless of everything happening in this our industry,I strongly believe there are times we seat and remember the good deeds/times we shared together.

 I strongly believe each time any of us thinks of those times,we always wish we bounce back together but the problem is who will lead who to reconcile with the other😓. I pray Allah bring us back together because together I think we can put the Region on the Map of which we all wants to do 🙏🏻.”

POV: It’s always important to remember the positive experiences and relationships we have built in our lives. By reflecting on these moments, we can recognize the value of human connections and hopefully work towards nurturing and rebuilding them. Let us all strive for unity and collaboration to achieve success in our industry and beyond.

However, I believe that anyone can take the initiative to reach out to others and work towards building relationships. It takes effort and willingness from all parties involved to reconcile and move forward together. It starts with small steps such as reaching out, communication, and actively listening to each other’s perspectives. Ultimately, it’s about coming together and finding common ground while respecting each other’s differences.

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