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DJ Gizy Raises Concerns Over Detrimental Business Practices Affecting DJs in the Upper East Region

In a recent interview on A1 Radio’s Entertainment Zone, Musah Abdul Fatawu, popularly known as DJ Gizy, shed light on the negative impact of certain business practices on DJs in the Upper East Region. He called on fellow DJs to refrain from undercutting their colleagues and playing gigs for lower fees or even for free, as it ultimately harms the industry.

According to DJ Gizy, when DJs are contracted for a show, some individuals within the profession offer to perform for a significantly reduced fee, or in some cases, without any payment at all. This creates a dilemma for event organizers who then opt for the cheaper alternative, believing they have found a viable option. As a result, DJs who have quoted their fair rates are unfairly disadvantaged.

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“This kind of attitude kills the business,” DJ Gizy emphasized, urging DJs to be mindful of their actions and the impact they have on their fellow professionals. By engaging in such practices, DJs not only devalue their own work but also undermine the livelihoods of their colleagues.

Another issue DJ Gizy highlighted was the lack of professionalism among some DJs in the region. He pointed out that many individuals do not take their DJing jobs seriously, treating them as a mere hobby or a side gig for fun. This lack of dedication and professionalism further perpetuates the negative impact on the industry as a whole.

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To address these challenges and foster a more supportive and professional environment for DJs in the Upper East Region, DJ Gizy called for unity. He encouraged all DJs in the region to join the Upper East DJs Union, emphasizing the importance of collective action and the need for a strong, united front.

By coming together and establishing a unified voice, DJs in the Upper East Region can address the issues they face, such as unfair competition and a lack of recognition for their professional contributions. Additionally, the union can serve as a platform to promote professional development, networking opportunities, and standards of excellence within the DJing community.

It is crucial for DJs to recognize the importance of fair business practices and professional conduct in order to foster a thriving and sustainable industry. DJ Gizy’s call for unity and change serves as a reminder that supporting one another and upholding professional standards are key to the success and growth of DJs in the Upper East Region and beyond.

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