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A Feature With Sarkodie Would Catapult Me To Mainstream Success – Elizha

In a recent interview, Elizha, a Ghanaian afro-fusion and afrobeats singer based in the United States, expressed her aspirations for a collaboration with renowned Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. Having experienced a significant boost in her career in the USA, Elizha shared her thoughts on reconnecting with the Ghanaian music market and the impact a Sarkodie feature would have on her craft.

Elizha, born Michelle Okyere, acknowledged the challenges faced by Ghanaian musicians based outside the country when trying to establish themselves in their home market. She highlighted the added difficulties faced by female artists who often find themselves pressured to conform to cultural norms they are not familiar with.

Since her return to Ghana, Elizha has received a warm reception from the media and music lovers alike. However, she believes that her journey would reach its full potential and she would truly appreciate her accomplishments with a feature from Sarkodie, a decorated Ghanaian rapper widely recognized for his talent and influence.

“I started reconnecting with the Ghanaian music market in 2009 when artists like Sarkodie, Bisa Kdei, and Efya were gaining prominence,” Elizha shared. “It was during that time that I was redefining the music I listened to, and I believe that collaborating with Sarkodie would signify my self-actualization as an artist.”

Elizha’s desire for a Sarkodie feature showcases her recognition of the rapper’s impact and standing within the Ghanaian music industry. Collaborating with Sarkodie would not only bring validation to Elizha’s journey but also provide her with the opportunity to tap into Sarkodie’s massive fan base, catapulting her into mainstream success.

While Elizha’s achievements in the USA have laid a strong foundation for her career, she recognizes the importance of gaining acceptance and recognition in the Ghanaian music market. A collaboration with Sarkodie could be the breakthrough she needs to solidify her position and establish herself as a prominent figure in Ghanaian music.

Elizha’s latest single, “Bad Love,” is currently available for streaming and showcases her unique blend of afro-fusion and afrobeats. As she continues to make strides in her musical journey, fans eagerly await the possibility of a collaboration between Elizha and Sarkodie, which could potentially shape the future of her career and solidify her place in the Ghanaian music industry.

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