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Unami Skincare, formerly known as Nutty Cosmetics, has officially launched a new line of all-natural skincare products.

The company was founded by a US based Ghanaian entrepreneur whose grandmother used to sell shea butter for a living.

Through her grandmother’s shea butter business, her mother, siblings, and herself had the privilege of traveling to America and becoming citizens of America.

Her mother’s story about how her grandmother was able to sell tubs of shea butter, coconut milk, and Kente (an expensive and traditional Ghanaian cloth) to pay for their education inspired her to start her own shea butter business.

With the introduction of her entirely new line of natural skincare products, namely:

– Nutty Peach

– Masked Up

– Lemongrass + Lavender Body Oil

– Sweet Nilla

– Tropical Mango


– Soft Nyash

– I’m That Girl

– It’s Giving

– No Wahala


Josephine Cerwaa Bonsu, CEO of Unami Skincare and a Rutgers University graduate, is also involved in building infrastructure for women who manufacture shea and black soap in Ghana, which has served as a source of motivation for her success in business. She believes that this has helped her grow professionally and personally because giving up would imply giving up on them.

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