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Shatta Wale’s Son Majesty Teases Debut Song, Receives Mixed Reactions (VIDEO)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and it seems that Shatta Wale’s son, Majesty, is ready to make his mark in the music industry. A recent video surfaced on social media, showing the young talent hard at work in the studio, possibly preparing for the release of his debut single.

Majesty, accompanied by his mother, Shatta Michy, seemed focused and determined as he sat comfortably behind a microphone, donning headphones. The clip shared on his official Instagram page featured a snippet of a song that hinted at its potential to become a hit. Online users quickly took notice and flooded the comments section with their thoughts and reactions.

It’s evident that Majesty is following in his father’s iconic footsteps, as he receives guidance from his mother, who had previously collaborated with Shatta Wale on the song “Low Tempo.” In the video, it becomes clear that Michy is passing on her knowledge and helping her son achieve the best possible sound.

Majesty’s Instagram post, accompanied by the video, showcased his excitement for the future, stating, “Where are we going? …..Always remember where you’re going, the sky is the starting point. Did a lil thing with Mi Hugh.” The anticipation among fans is palpable as they eagerly await the release of Majesty’s first single.

However, not all reactions to Majesty’s recent appearances have been positive. Shatta Michy faced criticism when she shared a heartwarming video of herself and Majesty promoting London Oats Honey Biscuits in a commercial on Instagram. While most fans expressed their joy and support, one particular fan accused Michy of exploiting her son for personal gain.

In response to the fan’s comment, Michy quickly defended herself, labeling the critic a fool (ofui). This sparked a conversation among netizens, with some voicing their agreement with Michy’s response and others expressing their own opinions on the matter.

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