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We have done extensive research on TVs in Ghana and world Sattelite Platforms. Which one is Eutelsat? Who brought it to Ghana, and what credibility does the person have?” These are questions coming from the  chief executive officer of North Television, Prince Siita Sofo Hissan to Sagani TV.

Mr. Sofo has revealed that, several people have contacted him to share thoughts on recent happenings in the television business in Northern Ghana and as to why NTV is still surviving in the hash conditions of the media industry, whilst all other TV stations are been shut down or not viewed at all. 

His comments comes few days after one of Northern regions best local television networks, Sagani Tv was allegedly taken off from the multi-tv decoder platform for its inability to settle debts owed to STS running into over a hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Rumors about the alleged suspension of Sagani TV from Muti-Tv platform has thus become a matter of great concern to many viewers and several other stakeholders who have developed deeper admiration for the channel.

“My Father said he who climbs well deserves a push, but now they give you a pull. You can’t pull someone and expect to succeed”, he said.

“So many people can’t wait- they use the short cuts and gets cut”, he added.

“Permit me To use Out-going President Trump’s words “We know the media terrain better than anyone else in Ghana at the moment ( especially TV and Satelite transmissions).”

“We have done extensive research on TVs in Ghana and world Sattelite Platforms. Which one is Eutelsat? Who brought it to Ghana, and what credibility does the person have?”

In a statement published by the NTV CEO and spotted by radiotamale.com indicated that, “the problem with integrity is that it won’t give you money immediately, but is an investment in your future”.

… don’t force us to expose anything…

Sources close to the Sagani TV has also revealed that, management has however been compelled to deploy several technicians into towns and villages on an outreach and public sensitization arrangements to encourage viewers who wish to switch unto the new platform.

Speaking to some management members of Sagani TV on the subject revealed that, the station is only embarking on a globalization drive by ‘upgrading’ onto the Eutelsat satellite platform to enable them reach out to many more audience across africa, hence its decision to leave the Multi-Tv platform.

They have also dispelled rumors and allegations of indebtedness and the accusation of working hard to sabbotage some other media networks in the region by go run switching audience unto another platform.

According to the station they’re focused on improving the channel and to serve and project the North better.

Screenshot NTV statement:

Source: RadioTamale.Com


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