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A good product they say carries its own advertisement, promotions and goes on to sell itself even in the most crowded market of similar products. At recent times, there seems to be an overcrowding in the upper west music industry as many musicians join the scene day in and day out. Just like anywhere else, some of these musicians do not have what it really takes to be a good musician. However, the few good ones always have a special way of standing out tall and winning the hearts of people.

Such was the case of Stunner when he came into the scene in 2016. The ex Freeking Entertainment singer and rapper made several street anthems and immediately conquered the hearts of many fans. He released songs such as Baba, Kanpe, Dekumo, Damstadam and popular raps such as King of The Rappers and Man of the Year Refix which got many talking about him. Stunner declared himself as one of the best in the industry and won the hearts of even more people when he dropped his master class Suntaa Album in 2019. It got many people pouring praises on him even till today. However it sounded really surprising when Napoleon Derry still felt that amidst all the praises from all angles, Stunner is still underrated in the music industry.

On 16th may, 2020, Napoleon Derry who happens to be one of the old and long serving industry men in Upper West music took to his official Facebook page to express his thought on Stunner. Unlike many people, Napo feels that Stunner is still being underrated. He wrote, “Stunner is underrated…guy can rap”.

Stunner is one of the few musicians in the whole of the north who is really very talented and also very versatile. His ability to switch perfectly between all genres of music never goes unnoticed. He remains lyrically unbeatable and never disappoints. However, he is not often included in the list when “A-LIST” musicians are being mentioned. Napo therefore feels that this exclusion of the Stunner nation CEO from the top list and rather grouping him in the lower levels in very underrating. What do you also think about him? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. Is very true to my opinion. He is one of the best artist in the upper west region but little attention is given to him. He choice of lyrics brings you back to your thoughts as you sit back..i hope my fellow waala will see that talent is infront of us and appreciate that…Hoping to see drastic change…

  2. He is one of best singer and rapper in the northern section so I don’t think he should be underrated

  3. We all have seen the great jobs he’s done , is doing and will still do.. his underraters will soon support their jaws with their hands✌️

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