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Ola Michael slams Adjetey Anang: We are not dumb, you can’t tell us cheating does not involve sex

Independent filmmaker, Events Producer, and OAP, Ola Michael, has expressed his disagreement with actor Adjetey Anang over his depiction of cheating in his recently released memoir. Anang’s revelations about having multiple extramarital affairs have sparked widespread online discussions and criticism from the public.

During an appearance on UTV’s Showbiz Night, Ola Michael criticized Anang’s explanation in his book, where he claimed that not all cheating involves sexual activities. Michael argued that the actor’s attempt to rewrite his story was misguided, emphasizing that people are now more informed and discerning when it comes to consuming written content.

While acknowledging that mistakes from the past cannot be changed, Michael highlighted the importance of learning from those mistakes and making better choices moving forward. He argued that if a couple enters into a committed bond, straying outside of that bond constitutes cheating, regardless of whether it involved sexual encounters or not.

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Michael further distinguished between open marriages, where both partners agree to involve external parties for mutual pleasure, and committed relationships where fidelity is expected. He asserted that cheating within the confines of a committed bond cannot be justified by claiming it did not involve sex.

In an era of heightened awareness and access to information, Michael reminded Anang that attempting to manipulate the narrative in a book no longer guarantees a hidden truth. He emphasized that readers are now more enlightened and will not easily accept misleading explanations.

The debate surrounding Adjetey Anang’s memoir and the definition of cheating continues to generate conversations among the public. As individuals, we should strive to understand the consequences of our actions and uphold the values we commit to in our relationships.

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