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Bolgatanga Technical University’s Student Creates Refillable Spray Cans Out Of Old Water Bottles

Mr. Martin Asambila Ayurebome, a level 300 student at Bolgatanga Technical University’s Department of Industrial Arts, created refillable spray cans out of old water bottles.

Water bottles, sketchpads, rim locks, hole pipes, paint, and binding wire were used in the nev technology to make spray cans that can be filled and last for a long time at a low cost.

A spray can is a small metal container that can hold paint or another liquid under pressure to be sprayed.

Water bottle spray cans, on the other hand, can be used for multiple colors and can be refilled with the desired color of liquid substance when they run out. This is in contrast to the traditional metal spray cans, which could only be used once and only hold one color of liquid.

Mr. Ayurebome told the University’s staff and students about the new idea. He said that discarded water bottles had more volume to hold a lot of air and were more durable than traditional air cans.

“The idea is to create a refillable spray can with its own compressor because there are more spray cans that are not refillable and that his main idea, so this idea is an improvement of the existing ones,” he said.

He explained that the invention was good for the environment because it helped control the problem of plastic, which has become a health problem in the country.

“The amount of plastic waste in this country daily is so huge that there must be ways to recycle them and using discarded water bottles which is part of the plastic waste to produce spray cans could help reduce plastic waste menace,” he added

The creative understudies supported the
reception and increasing of the development to assist with lessening the expense of creation and
activities and assist with making position for the youth.

“I want to advice the youth to do more
research on plastic waste on how to recycle them into income-generating means. Apart from the spray cans these discarded water bottles could be used for other items and the youth need to begin to think of how to turn some of these into business to create employ for themselves,” he added.

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