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Kofi Kinaata Expresses Frustration with Tailors and Seamstresses; Says “They Won’t Make Heaven”

Ghanaian musician and songwriter, Kofi Kinaata, recently took to social media to share his frustration with tailors and seamstresses, playfully suggesting that they may not make it to heaven. The singer, who serves as an ambassador for Enterprise Life, recounted an incident where his tailor failed to deliver his custom-made outfit for a recent event in Takoradi, despite having received the fabric weeks in advance.

According to Kofi Kinaata, the tailor had assured him that his outfit was ready and would be sent to him through a courier service. However, when he went to collect it, he was met by the apprentice instead of the tailor. To his disappointment, he was handed the fabric instead of the expected custom-made attire.

In a lighthearted social media post, Kofi Kinaata jokingly remarked, “Tailor fuo and Seamstress fuo ankasa why you people dey do us like that? 🙆🏾‍♂️🥹😔 Now I don’t even know how I’m attending the Enterprise Life event in Taadi 🤣🤣 Herh!! #TeamMooove @enterpriselifegh,” accompanied by a video of him holding the cloth.

His light-hearted comment sparked responses from his friends and followers, who shared their own humorous experiences with tailors and seamstresses. One fan jokingly wrote, “Breda. No heaven for them oo🤣🤣. They are always busy sewing but all customers fight with them. So whose cloth are they always working on?😂😂 eiiii.” Another fan shared, “When they see you coming, they put your cloth in front of them and pretend to sew…when you turn your back, they throw it somewhere and take another 😂.”

While the post was made in jest, it shed light on a genuine issue within the fashion industry – the challenges faced by customers when it comes to timely and reliable service from tailors and seamstresses. Timely delivery and consistent quality are essential for customer satisfaction, and it is a factor that tailors and seamstresses should strive to improve upon.

Though Kofi Kinaata’s experience was a minor setback, it serves as a reminder for both customers and those in the fashion industry to maintain open communication and adhere to agreed-upon timelines to ensure a positive and satisfactory experience for all parties involved.

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