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I’m Motivated By My Dream To Give Upper East Region A National Superstar – Soorebia

Rapper Soorebia says his desire to be the first contemporary musician born and bred in the Upper East Region to break into the music scene nationally inspires him to do more.

According to the rapper, although few musicians from the region have been in the limelight nationally, having someone like him whom the youth can identify with make it to the national scenes will inspire them to work hard towards realising their music talents.

“What keeps me moving is the fact that we still haven’t had a national representation to the level that we really wanted so I feel there is still some work to do.

We want that a musician from this region who has done all of his hustle on the street here because we had people from the region make it big but then somebody that the boys on the street can relate to; ‘Sorebia was here with us (but he has made it big now)’,” he stated.

He said despite the fact that there are many music talents in this part of the country, they are being discouraged especially by their parents from nurturing their talents and pursuing music as a career because nobody of their calibre from the region has made it in life through music.

He believes parents and the region as whole will encourage and push musicians to realize their potentials  if there is a good example from the region, making waves nationally to point to.

“our parents especially here in Upper East always think that if you don’t go to school, (you can’t make it in life). School is good but it’s not all of us that will be able to make it through school. So that one day when I’m able to make it to a certain level, a parent will not  be so scared that their child would fail pursuing music. Because the art is very important and we need to consciously allow people to express themselves in the form of art”.

For him, even if he doesn’t make it big at the national level, it is his desire to pave the way for others to achieve the goal.

“Not necessarily me making it, but maybe, I could just pave the way for somebody else to come and then ride on what I have done to achieve what probably we are looking for”.

Soorebia came into the music scene in the region around 2010 and has since been in the limelight, serving music lovers with good dose of songs.

He was, in 2020, adjudged the Next Rated Act at the 3 Music Awards and currently, headlines one of the biggest annual music festivals in Ghana.

The ‘Made in Bolga Festival’, organised by the rapper and his BBT crew, showcases the creative art industry in the Upper East Region.  This year, it has been scheduled to take place from April 9 to 10.


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