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I Don’t Love My Wife and I Never Proposed to Her – Patapaa

Ghanaian artiste Patapaa has revealed that he never proposed to his wife, Liha Miller, asserting that it was she who professed her love to him. Patapaa claims that Liha capitalized on his fame to gain recognition and frequently provokes him to stay in the limelight.

In a candid interview with Angel Television, Patapaa stated, “My blessings are what Liha tapped into to become famous. Anytime she gets the opportunity, she wants to infuriate me so that I will talk back and get her in the trends. I don’t love her and I never proposed love to her.”

Patapaa, known for his hit song “One Corner,” has chosen to remain silent about their marital issues out of respect for the legal institution that solemnized their marriage. He emphasized that despite Liha’s public claims about their failed marriage, he refrains from speaking out due to the court’s involvement in their union.

“I am silent on the issue because we signed the marriage in court, and so I cannot disrespect the judges who joined us in Holy matrimony. That is why I don’t talk about it, but she has disrespected our union by going naked and being seen with other men. If I was the one who was engaged in that, she would have even arrested me,” Patapaa explained.

Previously, Liha Miller announced in an interview that their marriage had ended shortly after their wedding. She mentioned that she is collaborating with Patapaa’s family to finalize the divorce proceedings.

The couple’s tumultuous relationship has frequently made headlines, with each party presenting their version of events to the public. Despite the ongoing drama, Patapaa maintains that his silence is a mark of respect for their legal marriage and the judicial process that formalized their union.

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