Ghanaians Abroad Do Not Like Attending Our Concerts But They Book Nigerian Artistes’ Concerts’ Tickets In Advance – Fameye bemoans

Ghanaians Abroad Show More Love for Nigerian Artists: A Concern Raised by Fameye

Ghanaian musician Fameye has recently highlighted a concerning trend in the entertainment industry – the disparity in support for Ghanaian artists compared to their Nigerian counterparts among Ghanaians living abroad. In a candid interview on the Day Show, Fameye shared his thoughts on this issue, shedding light on the challenges faced by Ghanaian artists when performing internationally.

Since his breakthrough in 2019, Fameye has had the opportunity to perform in various countries, including the UK and the United States. However, he revealed that the turnout at these shows has often been disappointing, with a lack of enthusiastic Ghanaian attendees. This issue raises questions about the dynamics of international support for Ghanaian musicians and the factors influencing the preferences of the diaspora audience.

Fameye emphasized the importance of a strong Ghanaian presence at international shows for the success of these events. He lamented that even when the conditions seemed favorable, Ghanaians abroad appeared hesitant to attend Ghanaian artists’ performances with the same enthusiasm they reserve for foreign acts. This contrast becomes starkly evident when Nigerian artists like Wizkid perform abroad, as fans not only attend but also book tickets well in advance, demonstrating unwavering support.

The artist also pointed out a shift in the collaboration dynamics between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians. In the past, Nigerian artists sought collaborations with Ghanaian counterparts to tap into their influence. However, Fameye suggested that this trend has reversed, with Ghanaian artists now actively pursuing Nigerian collaborations. The perception is that working with Nigerian artists offers greater exposure, indicating a change in the balance of influence and recognition between the two music scenes.

Fameye’s comments come on the heels of the unexpected cancellations of concerts by other Ghanaian music heavyweights, Sarkodie and Gyakie, in the UK and parts of Europe in July 2023. The primary reason cited for these cancellations was low ticket sales, sparking curiosity and concern among fans. This situation underscores the challenges Ghanaian artists face in gaining international recognition and attracting audiences abroad.

The artist expressed his desire to build a robust fan base, both locally and internationally, before embarking on international tours or performances. This cautious approach reflects the practical challenges faced by Ghanaian artists striving to match up to the expectations of foreign audiences.

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