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One of the most pressing challenges in local government is the need for ethical leadership. In recognition of this issue, the City of Ekurhuleni’s Group Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Kagiso Lerutla CA(SA), has been calling for greater ethical leadership in the municipalities across the country.

Mr. Lerutla’s calls for ethical leadership in the municipality are particularly timely given the numerous corruption scandals that have rocked the South African government in recent years. These scandals have undermined public trust in government and raised concerns about the integrity of public officials at all levels of government.

In response to these challenges, Mr. Lerutla has called for greater transparency and accountability in local government. He has emphasized the importance of implementing robust financial controls and risk management systems to prevent fraud and corruption. He has also advocated for greater public participation in the decision-making processes of the municipality, which can help to ensure that the needs and concerns of residents are taken into account.

Mr. Lerutla has also called on other local governments in South Africa to follow the example of the City of Ekurhuleni and prioritize ethical leadership. He believes that this is essential for building a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous society in South Africa, and for restoring the public’s trust in government.

By prioritizing ethics and integrity in their work, public officials can help to build trust and confidence among the public, which is essential for delivering quality services and promoting sustainable development. It is our hope that Mr. Lerutla’s example will inspire other local governments in South Africa to follow suit and prioritize ethical leadership in their work.

Mr. Kagiso Letutla

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