UE/R: Full Conversation Between Industry Players And Bombs Events Center’s CEO Edmond Bombande

Upper East Entertainment Industry Personalities Met With Edmond Bombande

Presenters, DJs, event organizers, film producers, fashion designers, artists, and managers, bloggers, and other entertainment enthusiasts from the Upper East Region met with Mr. Edmond Bombande, the current CEO of the Bombs Events Center in Bolgatanga, the regional capital, to good effect.

The unprecedented meeting was held on Tuesday, the 10th day of January 2023 at the premises of the facility. The meeting was held to talk about important issues that affect the entertainment industry in the area, as well as to officially get to know each other and thank him for helping the entertainment industry grow by renovating and reopening the Cattery Rest House for use.

A lot of concerns were raised by the industry players, including;

1. Renting of the venue by Artistes and Event organizers for Shows.
2. Striking favorable deals/percentages between Organizers and Management of the Bombz Events Center ( Kofi Charley Floor and the Night Club).

3.. Scheduling of events between the Bombz Rooftop Pub and the Kofi Charley Floor.

On the other hand, the private investor expressed his pleasure at the visit as well as his displeasure at being sold information about his personality and how he runs his facility.

The CEO of the Events Center reinstated what he noted at the reopening of the facility on Friday, October 8, 2021, that as a lover of entertainment, he found it necessary to seek a private-government partnership to take over the facility and provide the people of the Upper East Region the first ever best entertainment and events center for all activities.

He observed that many residents of the region always have to travel to nearby regions to have fun, especially during weekends because they do not find an appropriate place in the region.

He said “I am somebody who loves entertainment and seeing that our brothers, sisters, and other people normally leave the region on weekends and travel to Tamale, Accra, and other places to have fun, I thought it wise that, if I should get the opportunity to renovate this place it will help us in so many ways.

However, he regrets having made such an investment and finds it demoralizing to continue investing in the facility’s renovation as he intended at the outset. He claimed that this is because of his encounters with event organizers, artists, and rivals, as well as the fact that people intentionally cause trouble at the facility and spread false information about him to damage his well-deserved reputation.

He promised to reposition his outfit so that it can effectively collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure growth and mutual benefit, and that he was open to suggestions from the group.

All our efforts to upload the recording of the conversation have proven abortive. We will keep you updated.



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