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Upper East Region: Bombs Events Center’s CEO Engages with Industry Players in Uplifting Discussion on Entertainment Sector

In a groundbreaking meeting held on January 10th, 2023, Mr. Edmond Bombande, CEO of Bombs Events Center in Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East Region, engaged in a productive conversation with industry players from various entertainment sectors. The purpose of this unprecedented gathering was to address pertinent issues affecting the local entertainment industry while also establishing a stronger rapport between stakeholders.

During the meeting, a range of concerns was raised by the industry players, including the renting of the venue for shows, negotiating favorable deals and percentages between event organizers and the management of Bombz Events Center, and optimizing the scheduling of events between different areas of the facility.

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Mr. Bombande, the private investor behind the events center, expressed his delight at the visit while also expressing his disappointment at discovering that false information about his character and facility management had been circulating. He reiterated his initial vision of establishing a top-tier entertainment and events center in the region through a private-government partnership. This endeavor aimed to provide residents with a local destination for recreational activities, eliminating the need to travel to neighboring regions.

However, the CEO expressed his reservations about continuing to invest in the facility due to negative encounters with event organizers, artists, and rivals. He cited intentional troublemaking and the spread of false information as factors that have tarnished his reputation and dampened his enthusiasm for further renovations.

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Despite these challenges, Mr. Bombande assured the industry players that he was committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to foster growth and mutual benefit. He welcomed suggestions from the group, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to elevate the entertainment sector in the Upper East Region.

While efforts to upload the recording of the conversation have faced obstacles, updates will be provided as soon as possible.

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This meeting between industry players and Mr. Edmond Bombande signifies a crucial step towards fostering a positive environment for the entertainment industry in the Upper East Region. With renewed commitment from both sides, it is hoped that a vibrant and thriving entertainment scene will emerge, fulfilling the aspirations of the region’s residents and contributing to its overall development.

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