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Medikal Doesn’t Have a Problem with Me: Rapper’s Lookalike Sets the Record Straight

The controversy surrounding Medikal’s lookalike was addressed during a recent appearance on the Delay Show, where the impersonator clarified that there is no issue between him and the popular Ghanaian artist, putting an end to the rumors that had been circulating.

In the interview, the lookalike revealed that he has personally met Medikal and that their interactions have always been positive. “I have met him before, and the positive vibe was there. He doesn’t have any problem with me,” he shared.

When questioned about Medikal’s public condemnation of their activities, the lookalike explained that it was a response to false information being spread by bloggers. According to him, these bloggers claimed that he and other lookalikes were performing on behalf of the artists and receiving payment for it.

“It’s because of what the bloggers are putting out there. We are cool, but that’s the only thing,” he clarified.

The lookalike went on to disclose that Medikal himself reached out to him on Snapchat to express his concerns based on the misinformation spread by bloggers. “Medikal wrote to me himself on Snapchat. We’ve been chatting since 2019. He said, ‘Bro, if what the bloggers are saying is true, you should put a stop to it,'” he shared.

However, the lookalikes made it clear that while they used to perform the artists’ songs in the past, they were not receiving any compensation for their performances. Since then, they have completely stopped performing the songs and are now solely focused on their lookalike appearances.

“The bloggers say we are performing in their name and taking money. We used to perform their songs, but we weren’t taking any money. Now we don’t perform their songs; we are just lookalikes,” they confirmed to Delay.

This clarification brings a new perspective to the situation, highlighting the importance of accurate information and the potential impact of rumors in the entertainment industry. The lookalikes’ intention was never to deceive or exploit the artists but rather to pay tribute to their talent through their resemblance.

With this interview, Medikal’s lookalike has set the record straight and cleared any misunderstandings between him and the artist. It is a reminder that open communication and addressing false narratives can help build understanding and foster a positive relationship between artists and their impersonators in the world of entertainment.

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