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Burna Boy Embraces Davido’s “New Cat” Label for Longevity

Grammy award-winning artist, Burna Boy, has finally addressed the controversy surrounding Davido’s recent comment, where he included him in the list of “new cats” in the music industry. In an interview with Oldman Ebro for Apple Music Live stream, Burna Boy responded to the inclusion, expressing his positive outlook on the situation.

During the interview, Burna Boy shared his perspective on being considered part of the “new cats” in the music scene. He said, “It is a good thing that people think my movement is new. I love that. Because it keeps me young. It means like, I can do so much more, you know. It stretches my life span. I’m living longer than I thought I would than I even planned to, you know.”

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The “new cat” label is often associated with emerging or rising artists, but Burna Boy sees it as an opportunity for growth and exploration. Embracing this perception allows him to maintain a fresh and innovative approach to his music, enhancing his longevity in the industry.

Notably, Burna Boy’s historic show at London Stadium on June 3 has further solidified his place as a powerhouse in the music world. He became the first African artist to headline a stadium show in the U.K., making history with an unforgettable performance.

The interview sheds light on Burna Boy’s positive attitude towards being regarded as part of the new generation of artists. He believes that being seen as a part of this movement allows him to push his creative boundaries, making him even more relevant and enduring in the music scene.

Burna Boy’s response to the “new cat” comment reflects his confidence and willingness to embrace change. Rather than taking offense, he sees it as an opportunity for growth and an extended career in the music industry. His groundbreaking show in London further cements his status as an influential and pioneering artist in the global music landscape. As fans eagerly await his future endeavors, Burna Boy continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.

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