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Yendi Health Assistance Training School Suspends 20 Students And Two Lecturers Expelled for Examination Malpractice

In a recent development, the Yendi Health Assistance Training School in the Northern region has taken disciplinary action against 20 first-year students for engaging in examination malpractice. The students have been suspended, with the duration of their penalties ranging from one month to one year. Additionally, two teachers who were identified as the instigators of the malpractice have been expelled from the school.

The decision to suspend the students comes as a result of their involvement in acts of cheating during examinations. While the severity of their punishments varies, it reflects the school’s commitment to maintaining academic integrity and upholding the values of fair assessment.

However, some of the affected students have appealed to the college authorities, requesting a reduction in the length of their suspensions. One anonymous student, speaking to Citi News, revealed that she has been suspended for two months. She expressed her desire for the school authorities to reconsider her punishment, emphasizing the importance of resuming her studies and continuing her educational journey.

This incident sheds light on the prevalence of examination malpractice and the actions taken by educational institutions to combat such practices. Cheating not only undermines the credibility of the education system but also deprives students of the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in an honest and fair manner. It is essential for schools and universities to maintain strict disciplinary measures to deter such misconduct and foster an environment conducive to genuine learning.

As the affected students await the outcome of their appeals, it is crucial for all stakeholders to recognize the significance of academic integrity and encourage a culture of honesty and ethical behavior in educational settings. By doing so, we can ensure that students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to thrive in their future endeavors.

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