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Taking Money From Women Can Make You Die Early – Strongman Burner

Ghanaian rapper Strongman Burner has issued a warning to men about the potential dangers of accepting financial assistance from their female partners. According to Strongman, there is a prevailing belief that taking money from women can lead to dire consequences, including an untimely death.

In a recent interview with Hello FM, Strongman expressed his personal standpoint on the matter, stating that he avoids taking money from women altogether. He firmly believes that accepting financial support from women comes with an inherent curse, especially when men fail to meet certain obligations.

I am the type who doesn’t like taking money from women. Money from women goes with curses. You will die early if you do that. Be careful as a man if you like spending money from women.”

Strongman went on to highlight the risks faced by men who deceive their female partners by accepting their money and subsequently abandoning them. Such actions, he claims, can result in being cursed, leading to potential harm or even premature death.

“It shouldn’t be the lady who has been there for you if you wish to offend someone,” Strongman emphasized. He urged men to remain mindful of the women who have supported them during difficult times, even if they continue engaging in negative behavior.

The Ghanaian hip-hop artist, known for his unique rap style, has garnered significant popularity over the years. Strongman’s rise to prominence began with his victories in various freestyle competitions, showcasing his creativity and lyrical prowess. His cautionary message stems from his experiences and observations, aiming to raise awareness among men about the potential consequences of accepting financial aid from women.

While Strongman’s stance may be viewed as controversial, it highlights the importance of acknowledging the support one receives and maintaining respect for those who have stood by them. Whether or not there are supernatural consequences tied to accepting money from women, his words serve as a reminder to consider the implications of one’s actions and the impact they can have on relationships and personal well-being.

As individuals navigate their financial dynamics, it is essential to exercise caution, gratitude, and responsibility, regardless of gender.

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