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President Tinubu Vows to Prioritize Welfare and Security of Nigerians

In a recent meeting with the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), President Bola Ahmed Tinubu expressed his commitment to prioritizing the welfare and security of Nigerians through people-focused economic policies. He assured the governors that a better national minimum wage, reflective of current realities, would be established.

During the meeting, President Tinubu emphasized the importance of collaboration between the federal and state governments in addressing the minimum wage issue. He recognized the need for a thorough evaluation of the country’s revenue sources and allocation to strengthen the financial system.

President Tinubu urged the governors to utilize their positions to make a positive impact on the lives of the people, emphasizing that the meeting was about the Nigerian project and not just his personal agenda. He acknowledged that the challenges faced by the country were significant and required collective effort and innovative solutions.

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Addressing concerns about the multiple exchange rates, the President assured the governors that the system would be streamlined. He emphasized that governance was a continuous process and acknowledged the responsibility of managing both the assets and liabilities inherited from his predecessor.

President Tinubu applauded the All Progressives Congress (APC) for having a majority in the National Assembly and several Houses of Assembly, noting that this would facilitate the development and implementation of policies that directly benefit the economy and the people.

The President emphasized his open-door policy, inviting input from all stakeholders and expressing a willingness to listen, deliberate, and find collective solutions to the challenges facing the country. He stressed that working together, the Nigeria of their dreams could be realized.

Vice President Kashim Shettima called on the governors to support the President in tackling economic challenges such as oil subsidies and multiple exchange rates. He highlighted the importance of removing subsidies to free up resources for state development.

Governor Hope Uzodinma, the chairman of the Progressive Governors Forum, pledged the governors’ support to President Tinubu, commending his initial decisions that demonstrated good intentions for the economy. He acknowledged the President’s capabilities and outstanding track record.

The meeting between President Tinubu and the Progressive Governors Forum signifies a unified commitment to prioritize the welfare and security of Nigerians. With a focus on people-centric economic policies and collaborative decision-making, there is optimism for a brighter future for the country.

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