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Nina Ricchie Opens Up About Her Relationship with D-Black After Departing Black Avenue Muzik: ‘He Is My Big Bro, We Are Cool’

In a recent interview with ZionFelix, Nina Ricchie, the talented singer who parted ways with Black Avenue Muzik two years ago, has clarified that there are no issues between her and D-Black, the CEO of the record label. Contrary to any speculations, Nina affirmed that they maintain a positive relationship and even referred to D-Black as her big brother.

When questioned about her current communication with the Black Avenue Muzik boss, Nina confidently stated that they are on good terms. Her statement came as a relief to fans who may have assumed there was tension between the two after her departure from the label.

During the interview, Nina Ricchie shared her reasons for leaving Black Avenue Muzik. She made it clear that her decision was not driven by impatience, as she had dedicated five years to working with the label. Instead, she emphasized that her responsibilities in Canada, particularly her role as a mother to her 15-year-old son, played a significant part in her choice to pursue other opportunities.

Nina’s departure from Black Avenue Muzik marked a new chapter in her career, allowing her to explore her personal aspirations while balancing her family life. Despite the separation from the label, she expressed gratitude for the experience gained during her time there and spoke fondly of the relationships she had formed, including her bond with D-Black.

Fans of Nina Ricchie and supporters of Black Avenue Muzik can take solace in knowing that her departure did not create any animosity between her and D-Black. Their continued camaraderie is a testament to the mutual respect and admiration they share, serving as an inspiration for maintaining healthy professional relationships even after parting ways.

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