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Herbyboi Expressed Disappointments In Industry Gatekeepers Over Highlife Music

“The persons who assert to be the link between the ancient and modern in order to maintain the original highlife are the problem with highlife music in Ghana ” – Afrolife musician Herbyboi expressed disappointments.

The performer claims that highlife is not a specific musical genre but rather an old-fashioned musical style.

The musician has stated on numerous occasions that the phrase “Highlife music” simply refers to a style of music that doesn’t actually exist in modern day.

His remarks about Ghana’s musical history have stirred discussion on both the traditional media and social media, with pundits offering a variety of viewpoints.


Herbyboi recently reaffirmed that the individuals who act as a link between the older generation of artists and the younger crop of musicians are the problem with Highlife music.

He argued that these individuals are making every effort to preserve the Highlife as a musical genre which can’t materialise.

Herbyboi claims that these industry leaders are rejecting the revolution in musical taste and criticizing upcoming musicians who want to change the style. They reject the idea that Highlife music has changed over time as new sounds from each generation have been incorporated.

He said ” A young musician will deliver a great piece of Highlife music in a morbid manner and face backlash from these industry gurus. They always want to stick with the aged components and style”.

He insisted that it is finally time for people to understand that the Highlife music they grew up listening to was created for a particular generation and is now obsolete.

“People need to recognize that the traditional Highlife sounds are no longer relevant.” In the system in which we live, sound fusion is crucial. Many young musicians today avoid being classified as Highlife vocalists out of fear of criticism.”

“I made the decision to create a kind of music I named “Afrolife,” – a fusion of Highlife music style and other African rhythms and sounds” he said.

Herbyboi came to the conclusion that he doesn’t want people to judge his songs of not being a highlife music just because they don’t contain any components of the traditional Highlife guitar patterns, such as the kwaw, amponsah, Sekyi, and others.

Herbyboi explained, “My sound is afrolife, which is a modified Highlife style with African fusion sounds’ ‘.

Herbyboi is a sensational Ghanaian musician. He is well known for his musical prowess and vocal dexterity.

He shot to prominence after emerging the third runner-up at the 11th edition popular Ghanaian TV reality show “Tv3 Mentor” in 2022.

Herbyboi has won the hearts of many with his latest published song dubbed “Hold You Down”.

Currently, Herbyboi is championing a new genre of music which he calls ‘Afrolife’ and according to him, its a typical fusion of the old Ghanaian Highlife style of music and varieties of Afro sounds.

Enjoy it below 👇🏼

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