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Christianity’s Impact on Traditional Music Promotion: Prof. Atamina highlights

Renowned traditional musician Prof. Atamina, also known as Kologo Legend, has shed light on the challenges faced by traditional music in Ghana, particularly in relation to the perception of Christianity and its influence on culture and tradition. In a recent interview on Original TV, Prof. Atamina expressed concern about how the Christian mindset is hindering the promotion of traditional music.

Prof. Atamina illustrated his point by presenting a scenario involving a Ghanaian residing in the United States. If this individual were to play traditional Ghanaian music while educating their friends about its cultural significance, the friends would likely be captivated and interested in acquiring the music for themselves. This example highlights the potential for promoting traditional music to the diaspora. However, the prevailing perception of Christianity appears to impede such efforts.

The musician further emphasized that language diversity also plays a role in limiting the reach of traditional music within Ghana. Due to the multilingual nature of the country, traditional music tends to be consumed primarily within its own localities, thereby creating a language barrier that hinders its cross-regional dissemination. To address this issue, Prof. Atamina proposed the formation of a union for Ghanaian traditional musicians. This union would unite musicians from various regions, regardless of their language diversity. By organizing concerts and events, traditional musicians from different parts of the country would have the opportunity to perform and introduce their music to new audiences, thereby promoting Ghanaian traditional music as a whole.

Furthermore, Prof. Atamina highlighted that traditional music often serves as a platform for societal commentary and storytelling. Its live performances allow musicians to tailor their messages to suit specific gatherings and audiences, amplifying the impact of their music on social issues.

As one of Ghana’s most respected traditional musicians, Prof. Atamina advocates for action-oriented approaches to showcase Ghanaian culture and traditions to the world. He believes that actively promoting traditional music through tangible means, rather than relying solely on words, is crucial for preserving and celebrating Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

In conclusion, the perception of Christianity in Ghana appears to be influencing the promotion of traditional music. Prof. Atamina’s insights underscore the need to address these challenges by fostering a more inclusive and unified approach to promoting Ghanaian traditional music, transcending language barriers, and actively engaging both local and international audiences. By embracing their cultural roots, Ghanaian musicians can ensure the continued appreciation and preservation of their traditional musical heritage.

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