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Atigsi Badek Discusses Why Artistes Should Brand Themselves

To succeed in today’s music industry, you need more than just talent and good music. Artistes of today need to put in a lot of effort to define their personal brand in order to stand out in a field filled with competitors. In this competitive industry, you’ll also need to figure out how to showcase your brand in a unique way.

Atigsi Badek discusses the importance of an artist’s personal brand, the distinction between versatility and genre switching, and how comfortable artists are when they are popular in their communities in the following article.

In a recent interview, the revered Ghanaian entertainment pundit Atigsi Badek discussed branding among artistes specifically in the Upper East region.

Atigsi Badek made it clear that artists in his home region are behind when it comes to branding, which has had different effects on their growth over time.

Mr. Bedek was quick to put any misinformation to rest that “there are a couple of them who I have seen are giving their all with regards to their specialties to their standpoint” when he was asked whether artistes in his home region are branding themselves enough or the otherwise.

He went on to say that most musicians tend to settle in once they start becoming popular in their communities. They fall back asleep as soon as they realize that their songs are getting attention.

“Artists in the region shouldn’t get too comfortable because they have conquered their zone; rather, they should strive to establish their brands outside of the upper east region,” the article states.

The erudite writer on entertainment once more laments the problem of artists mistaking genre-switching for versatility.

“A few artistes don’t get the distinction between being flexible and exchanging music sorts. You don’t have to change who you are to be a rapper or feature in reggae music. Even if an artist performs in a different genre, they should still be able to maintain their identity.

The above he articulated in an exclusive interview on Bolgatanga headquartered Radio station, A1 Radio, hosted by Mr. Lexis on the Entertainment Zone show over the weekend.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com

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