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“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.” -Modest Mouse. I think that we all can agree that music is powerful and we love it. There are so many different ways people can express themselves through music. The different type of beats and melodies we hear tend to draw us into the mood we are feeling. Let’s be honest, driving down the road or wherever jamming to your favorite songs is such a free and happy feeling. There is nothing like draining out all your thoughts and worries by blasting a song. Not many people realize the effect music has on our lives. So, here are seven (7) reasons why you should love and appreciate Mahama Malik aka Wiz-Maleek music.

1. His music motivates.

Tell me one person that doesn’t listen to music when they work out. You always see the headphones in people’s ears at the gym. Music can be one of the best motivators especially that of Wiz Maleek. He always put on a song that will help push you to your limit and get you motivated like his “Mwini binbu’’ , “Hold On”,”Tamba” and “Hope” tracks among others.

2. Wiz-Maleek’s music helps you express your feelings.

I personally think that music is one of the best cures. There is a song for every emotion. Wiz Maleek creates music from what his people feel. If you are an artist like him, you may write a song that tells why you got upset the other day. If you are feeling down there is music that will cheer you up or put you further into your feels, the current upper west Artiste of the year Wiz Maleek has music that brings out love, his “Mateena”,”Snap Chat” “ena la” (you be the one) “and “Elton” are perfect examples, talking about different expressions, “Jah know star”champion boy” , “Nma” “thank you” among others are his music that expresses one’s feelings at a particular situation.

3. His music brings people together.

Music has a tendency to bring people together. If you go to a cookout there is always his music playing. If you go to a club there is always his music playing. You can see that at any major event there is always his music because that is what his music does especially in the upper west region of Ghana. It brings people together and it creates good vibes. You can imagine the shout people gives when they hear the beat for his “bambam”, ”Sanitation”,“Champoin boy” “boo yang lee” and other songs of his, which are big time hits.

4. Wiz-Maleek’s Music  can bring back memories

We all have that one song we listen to that brings back a flood of memories, good and bad. But it seems every time you hear that song you are back in that place reliving that memory. Check his “Target”, his “mwini bimbu, ”Gang Up” and his “Kanzo” tracks, they are songs that brings back living memories.

5. His music is vast

Mahama Maleek has lots of music just like there are millions of different types of music on earth, but each one of his songs come with its unique meaning and rhythm.

6. Wiz-Maleek Music is timeless.

No matter how much our world changes his music will continue to adapt to what’s going on around us. It will help inspire and change so many lives from culture to culture. He has timeless songs like “mwine bimbu”, “the message”, “jah know star”,”all eyes on me” , “ena la” and many more.

7. His Music heals.

Music can heal someone faster than you think. There seems to always be a song from him for every emotion, moment and day. His  Songs can help mend whatever it is that’s broken. There is always that right song among his songs that heals.

The above are seven solid reasons why you should love him and the musician we are talking about here is Mahama Malik known much in Showbiz as Wiz-Maleek the current Upper West Artiste of the year who is set to hit the region with “The Blessing EP”

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