Aura Silent Disco Expands into Ghana through Partnership with Whitespot

Aura Silent Disco, a Barcelona-based company specializing in silent disco headphone supply, rentals, and events management, has signed a significant partnership agreement with Ghanaian company Whitespot. The franchise agreement, signed by Aura’s CEO, Manuel Wotsch, and WhiteSpot’s CEO, Mr. Mubarik Dzang Yakubu, involves supplying Aura’s headphones to be used and managed in Ghana under the name Aura by Whitespot.

This collaboration is a strategic move for Aura, aligning with their global expansion goals by partnering with event companies worldwide. Whitespot becomes the first company to enter into such a partnership with Aura, highlighting the importance of this alliance.

Beyond the headphone supply, both companies will join forces to organize events in both Barcelona and Ghana, fostering stronger ties and promoting cross-cultural experiences. Mr. Mubarik Dzang Yakubu expressed that this collaboration represents a significant opportunity for Whitespot, as well as a positive step forward for Ghana’s entertainment and creative arts industries on the global stage.

Whitespot CEO – Dzang Mubarak

As part of the franchise, a considerable number of headphones have already been dispatched to Ghana, and more will follow as the market expands. Mr. Manuel Wotsch, filled with optimism, anticipates Ghana becoming the head office of Aura in Africa in the near future. This promising partnership sets the stage for future growth and success for both companies.

Whitespot CEO and Team Aura

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