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Artists Should Demonstrate Worth and Embrace Collaboration for Industry Success – Harun Stone

During his appearance on Home Radio 99.7 MHz, the highly regarded entertainment pundit from the Upper West region, Mumuni Haruna, popularly known as Harun Stone, shared insightful advice for artists. He emphasized the significance of avoiding being treated as an option by the industry and fostering collaboration among all industry players.

Harun Stone urged artists not to allow themselves to be seen as mere alternatives by being too complex in their dealings. By simplifying their approach and maintaining professionalism, artists can establish themselves as invaluable assets within the industry. Harun Stone stressed the importance of artists recognizing their own worth and ensuring that industry players understand the value they bring to the table.

In addition to this crucial advice, Harun Stone emphasized the significance of collaboration and mutual appreciation within the entertainment industry. While artists often take center stage, Harun Stone highlighted the need for all industry players, including bloggers, DJs, and radio presenters, to be acknowledged and valued. By fostering a collaborative spirit, the entertainment industry can thrive and achieve greater heights.

The issue of fair pricing was also addressed during the discussion. Harun Stone acknowledged that artists should be compensated adequately for their services; however, he urged artists to demonstrate their worth and deliver results that align with the fees they charge. Quoting high figures without substantiating them with exceptional talent and performance can be detrimental to both the artist and the industry’s reputation.

Harun Stone’s insights serve as a reminder for artists to establish their value, avoid complex dealings, and demand fair compensation that reflects their expertise. Furthermore, his call for collaboration and appreciation among all industry players highlights the need for unity and mutual support within the entertainment community.

By following Harun Stone’s advice, artists can avoid being treated as replaceable options and instead be valued for their unique contributions. Let us strive for a thriving entertainment industry in the Upper West region where all stakeholders work together to create exceptional experiences for audiences and elevate the entire community.

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