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Today I opened a book

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And found a flower

That you’d pressed

It was red and small

And in all ways

It was our love gone now,

But beautiful still as the memories of something more.

You stole pieces of me,

In all the love I gave you

And never got back

Keep it now

It is my gift to you,

For you will not get more

And that,

My love is my gift to you.

The night is young

I remember you said

and what a beautiful thing to say.

I love you

I said

to the end of all things

And on.

And you smiled,

Soaking in the infiniteness of it all.

Do you remember,

When you stood there

Battling in the grand forest of my love

With only the quite rustle of the treetops against the sky of our love.

To remind us our love was real at all.

You came over me like a mad storm. I was helpless to the chemicals roaring in my brain.

You’d always made your way

to my side of the bed

bit by bit

until there was nowhere else

for me to go

and I swear

I could see you smiling

in your sleep

so proud

to have me safely trapped

between a rock

and a soft place.

Today feels like yesterday

But this are now dead dreams

Flowing down past streams

I don’t need reams,

For me to know now that;

More pain no gain

And more gain no pain.

I’m the drum that speaks for the African Heritage and the ant that leads the jungle of lions to heal through words.

Zumah the Poet © 2020

(The author is a student at the University for Development Studies (UDS), Royal Hall, Wa Campus)


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