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Biography of Arisco Lee

Born in the Benin Empire (the city of kings and queens) Arisco Lee grew up with music. At the tender age of 6 he starts playing bongo in the church and during the years he cultivates his passion for music in all dimensions.

Arisco Lee Created songs, from beats over to lyrics is his way to express himself and In the late 90’s Arisco Lee leaves home and migrates to Switzerland, where he keeps on living his passion of being a songwriter and singer. He dedicates his time to write and produce songs.

Having gone down a bit into his life, you can follow and Listen to his songs and feel the good vibes on Onemuzikgh.com and also follow Arisco Lee on the following social media as @AriscoLee

12 Things to know about Arisco Lee.

  1. Arisco Lee is a fun loving person, friendly and communicates value to his fans through his philanthropic nature.
  2. He is a Philanthropist that impact individual who is expressive and responsible to their individualism
  3. He’s an artiste who stands against violating female rights
  4. Arisco Lee is an international Act with a grand style,Classy and sexy.
  5. Arisco Lee believes music is a powerful tool to unify our existence.
  6. Arisco Lee is from the big city of Kings and Queens,Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, currently based in Switzerland.
  7. Arisco Lee loves to rock with kings and Queens who are attentive to their dreams.
  8. He is adventurous, living life of adventure while chasing his dream of impacting the world through music as well seeking out the entire world’s to share it with.
  9. Arisco Lee has a brand new single “SLOW DOWN” featuring Harrysong, topping chats on various platforms,
  10. Arisco Lee would like you to join him in his fast approaching campaign project coming soon, “Cancer Awareness Programme for Children across Africa”.
  11. Also, Arisco Lee is the mouth piece of anyone who loves life and respects it, fun lovers, entrepreneurs, ladies who are independent and lovely.
  12. Arisco Lee cherishes the African heritage and essence of her uniqueness and beauty.

Help raise living legends and impact makers like Arisco Lee to the World .

Story :OneMuzikGh.com news team.


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