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Weight Loss Tips From Doctor Who Lost 100 Pounds In Her 50s

She herself has grappled with obesity, finally losing 100 pounds and keeping it off since about 2020. But it was a difficult road for many years, with a number of factors working against her.

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Now 53 years old, Hosoda says she reached 235 pounds — her maximum weight — after having kids in her 30s. She was able to slim down, but not for long.

“It was fairly easy to lose most of the weight at about 37,” Hosoda, an internal medicine physician in Enumclaw, Washington, tells

“But then perimenopause hit around 2010 and I started working nights in a hospital, then all bets were off. So I gained pretty much all of my weight back.”


Originally posted 2023-01-08 10:27:26.

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