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We appear to be on good terms outwardly – Clemento Suarez speaks on enmity in comedy industry

Comedian and actor, Clemento Suarez has commented on the level of unity within the Ghanaian comedy sector.

He said that most of them are envious of each other but appear to be on good terms outwardly.

The comedian made these statements in a conversation on Prime Morning on Tuesday.

Although he thinks there might be hatred, he is not really bothered as it helps in the improvement of the sector.

“On the facial it looks good, but I don’t really care. If that’s what will put the industry forward, we should just do that. If we’re fighting inside but we don’t bring it out, it’s good,” he said.

He further stated that comedians are permitted to joke about people’s personal lives as long as it is just for laughter and nothing else.

Asked whether he has ever been scared for his life after joking about someone’s issue, he said, “Not really.”

But he opined that comedians need to be intelligent and sensitive when speaking about personal issues of people to avoid controversy.

Comparing the older generation style of comedy to the recent ones, Clemento Suarez stated that comedy was previously created in stories but is currently more of a stage performance and instant happenings.

“At that time, they created jokes like they were telling stories, but now ours is more situational stuff. We use what is happening to create the jokes.”

When asked if the sector is lucrative, he said “yes,” but it is dependent on the individual’s creativity and innovativeness as well as the brand to benefit from the lucrativeness.


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