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WC Hadgi Honors “Naabadei” Legacy with Album Launch and Orphanage Donation

Upper West’s own Afrobeat Dancehall artist, WC Hadgi, has not only rocked the scene with his debut album “Naabadei,” but also embraced the spirit of giving back in a heartwarming tribute to the late Sulemani Haleru Gbentie, a legendary figure in Tumu’s music scene.

Back in June, WC Hadgi announced his maiden album, titled “Naabadei,” in honor of Gbentie, affectionately known as Naabadei. Naabadei was a champion of local artists and his “Orphan Concert” initiative stood as a testament to his compassion. WC Hadgi, inspired by this legacy, aimed to continue Naabadei’s good work while celebrating his influence on the music world.

On December 22nd, “Naabadei” was launched in Tumu with a bang. Media, guests, sponsors, and loved ones all came together to witness the culmination of this artistic tribute. But the journey wasn’t over. Four days later, WC Hadgi and his team, including Links Entertainment CEO Mr. Ibrahim Agaa Quendar and Bashiru Jinapor of Radford FM, undertook a special pilgrimage to the orphanage home in Jirapa.

At the orphanage, WC Hadgi made a heartfelt presentation of the donated items, graciously emphasizing that this initiative belonged to Naabadei’s spirit. He expressed his profound gratitude to all who contributed and extended a call to action for corporate sponsors to join in future endeavors, enabling even greater support for the orphans.

WC Hadgi’s “Naabadei” project resonates beyond the vibrant rhythms of the album itself. It is a story of honoring tradition, embracing community, and perpetuating the spirit of kindness. As WC Hadgi looks towards the future, he hopes to keep Naabadei’s legacy alive, igniting a spark of hope and compassion that illuminates the lives of many young hearts.


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